RCR News

RCR Welcomes Nathan Thomas

Rich, Campbell & Roeder is pleased to announce the hiring of attorney Nathan Thomas. He is an experienced trial attorney that will be a valuable asset to RCR’s litigation department. We are excited to have Nate join the team.

Super Lawyer Awarded

RCR is pleased to announce that Yosef Klein has been recognized as a Super Lawyer – Rising Star, a designation awarded to only 2.5% of Michigan lawyers.

Negligence Dismissal

Jason Rudy was able to elicit key testimony from all of the parties and witnesses in order to prove that our client did not cause or contribute to the accident. The Court granted his Motion for Summary Disposition on negligence and the case was dismissed with prejudice.

No Cause Verdict-PIP

Ken Rich obtained a $0 verdict in a PIP jury trial. The Plaintiff was seeking over $200,000 in PIP damages and alleged a closed head injury.

Another Dismissal

Matt Sunderlin obtained summary dismissal of a Plaintiff’s negligence claims. The Court found that the Plaintiff did not sustain any “threshold” injury in the alleged accident and dismissed the Plaintiff’s claims against the driver and the owner of the alleged at-fault vehicle with prejudice.

Victory at the COA

Doug Campbell secured a victory in the Michigan Court of Appeals.  We successfully argued that the underlying claimant was in the “course and scope of his employment” when involved in a motor vehicle accident.  The Court reversed the trial court opinion that the claimant was “going to or coming from work” and therefore not covered by the Worker’s Compensation Act.

No Cause Verdict-Negligence

Ken Rich and Tom Roeder secured a no cause verdict in a jury trial in connection with a negligence lawsuit brought by two Plaintiffs. The jury agreed that the Defendant caused the accident, but found that the Plaintiffs did not sustain serious impairments.

RCR Welcomes Erin Scully

Rich, Campbell & Roeder, PC is pleased to announce the hiring of attorney Erin Scully. Ms. Scully is an associate attorney working with the firm’s first and third party litigation department. She has valuable experience in a wide range of client representation including detailed research, aggressive motion practice and complex litigation.

$1 Million Exposure Avoided

A million-dollar policy was rescinded based on a policy exclusion. Yosef Klein obtained dismissal with prejudice.

Case Dismissed

Tom Roeder secured dismissal of Plaintiff’s entire PIP claim (totaling over $400,000) pursuant to Bahri v. IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company. Tom obtained testimony from the Plaintiff and her care provider proving that the alleged attendant care claims were fraudulent and convinced the Judge to dismiss the case entirely.

Replacement Services Claim Tossed

Matt Sunderlin obtained summary dismissal of a Plaintiff’s replacement services claim. The Judge agreed that Plaintiff’s claims were not actually incurred pursuant to the Michigan No-Fault Act.

Material Misrepresentation Dismissal

Yosef Klein sought and achieved summary disposition of a PIP case. The Judge granted policy rescission of the auto policy for material misrepresentation.

Coverage Victory

Yosef Klein achieved summary disposition via policy rescission. A backdated policy that had been issued after an unintentional lapse in coverage was rescinded.

Court of Appeals Victory

A coverage denial based on an exclusion was overruled by the trial court. Yosef and Ken won outright at the Appellate level. $400,000 in bills were dismissed.

Failure to Disclose

Ken Rich secured dismissal of a PIP claim due to Plaintiff’s failure to disclose his resident spouse on the application. Rescission of the policy was granted by the Judge and the case was dismissed with prejudice.

Summary Disposition Granted

Jason Rudy obtained summary disposition in a negligence case in favor of an RCR client. The Judge agreed that Plaintiff was over 51% at fault and granted the motion in our favor. The case was dismissed with prejudice.

PIP Dismissal

Doug Campbell secured dismissal of a PIP case filed by out of state resident.  Under the newly amended version of MCL 500.3163, out-of-state insurers of out-of-state residents no longer have to provide Michigan No-Fault PIP benefits at all unless the out-of-state resident owns and insures a Michigan-registered vehicle.