Professional Fees

We provide advice and counsel to our clients throughout the state of Michigan. We never lose sight of the fact that the client has the “legal problem” and has the right to control litigation expenses. We believe strongly in communicating all aspects of a case to a client, and we never embark on lengthy discovery expeditions without prior approval from our clients.

Our legal fees are competitive for our areas of expertise, and we entertain appropriate contingent fees and discounted rates for larger volume clients. Moreover, we believe that many conflicts can be resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit. Therefore, we are always available to answer questions on non-litigated matters to assist you in early resolution of conflicts. When embarking on any new case, we begin with the understanding that our clients have placed a great trust in our office. Before performing any task that might result in expensive costs and budget overruns, we obtain authorization from our clients. Furthermore, we welcome our client’s non-billable inquiries. Often a quick phone call can solve a problem and help avoid costly litigation.